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The Perfect Wedding Playlist: Balancing Ballads and Beats

April 4, 2018

If you were the kind of teenager to sit for hours making mix-tapes, then compiling your wedding playlist is going to be a doddle. But often it's difficult to find the right music for the occasion, and there are so many different aspects of the day you want to have accompanied by the perfect music it can be overwhelming trying to find the right mix. Are you going classical, old school, modern or just plain eclectic?


Live music can be a wonderful touch, whether it's a single musician or vocalist sending you down the aisle to a heartfelt song, an upbeat gospel choir or a full band or string quartet! The most important thing with live music is to check out the musicians playing live - don't just go on the recorded version that you can hear on their website or promo. If you have musically talented friends and family, all the better - why not save money and ask them to perform for you?


If you're going for a DJ, or a self-organised playlist, then there's a little more planning involved to get a good range of music that will appeal to your guests, young and old. Music is such an emotive medium that choosing the songs that are special to you, your partner, your friends and family, can bring back waves of wonderful memories to add to your wedding day's magic.


There are particular moments during your wedding that require music and your choices here need to be carefully considered:


Pre-Ceremony Music- Gentle background music while guests are taking their places.


Wedding Party/Bride's Processional- This is THE song, THE moment when you arrive at the ceremony and walk down the aisle! You can even choose two songs; one for your bridesmaids and one for you.


Ceremony Recessional- Joyful, celebratory music for the ceremony - after all, you're now married!


Reception/Dinner- This could be whatever you like, but keeping background music calm and quietish allows your guests to chat and enjoy themselves without having to shout to be heard!


First Dance- Slow and slushy or loud and proud - it's totally up to you. Pick a song that means something extra special to you as a couple... you can even choreograph your own surprise dance!


Father/Daughter Dance- If you're keeping to this tradition, why not choose a song from your childhood for a beautiful moment with your dad?


Evening Dancing- Here's where you can go to town with your choices. It's good to keep pace and style mixed up so everyone gets the urge to dance at some point. Slip in a few slower ones for the couples to smooch to, too.


Last Dance - A goodbye and thank you song to both tell your guests it's time to go home, and give your wedding day a proper send off.


Why not copy your special playlist onto CDs as a present for you bridesmaids and groomsmen so they have a musical memento of your wedding day? You might also want to get changed during the evening, into something a bit easier to dance in. Many brides now choose two wedding dresses - a traditional gown for the ceremony and a more contemporary cocktail dress to boogie down to later. 


And don't forget your dancing shoes!


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